Design & Coffee Chat

Have you ever wanted to sit down with me and pick my brain over some design dilemmas over a nice cup of coffee? Here is your chance!

I can help with guidance, advice and practical tips on the following:


  • Floorplans
  • Cabinetry & Built-ins
  • Light Fixtures
  • General Kitchen layout
  • Styling tips
  • Increasing the flow of your home
  • How to get the most out of a small space

Details & Personalization

  • Developing a style guide for your house
  • Helping you determine your personal style
  • Balancing room style and transition
  • Turning a cookie-cutter home into something more interesting
  • Setting a mood with lighting, including light temperatures

Getting Down to Business

  • Expertise in IKEA kitchens and ways to customize them
  • PAX wardrobe customization and configuration
  • Balancing DIY with when to hire out
  • Stores/Brands/general sourcing ideas
  • Using IKEA kitchen cabinetry outside of the kitchen